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I discovered this and bought the album way back in the ’60s.
I still have the album but hadn’t heard it in a long time until I discovered it on Youtube.


This is why I’m here today


We talked, then.
about a lot of things.

Tree Poem

Strange sounds reverberating in my ear
Muffling voices and slowing my pace


It was warm in March
After winter’s tundra cold


Seeing: Seeing:
Aimless thoughts in flight

High Mountains

I have been to the high mountains
That have no fear of men


This was originally published in the Pierce College Poetry Club annual.

Forgotten Treasure

Rummaging through the heaped rubbish
In the attic we’ve filled with our lives
Half-buried, I came across …

Dead End Street

Two versions (I never feel that any of my poems are finished)  of this poem.

On Reading Pasternak

Here are two versions of a poem I wrote long ago.  I keep going back to old pieces and reworking them. This is the original finished version. His words reach […]