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1 percent now owns more than at any time in the past 50 years

The top 20 percent of households own 90 percent of the stuff in America Their average net worth? $3 million. That leaves just 10 percent of the pie for the remaining 80 percent of the populace. The American top 1 percent gobble up twice as much (40 percent) as the top 1 percent in France, the U.K., or Canada, and more than three times as much as the top 1 percent in Finland.


Imagine for a moment being so gullible that you could actually BELIEVE the following things: That Trump is a Christian in any meaningful sense at all, or cares even the […]

Rachel Maddow Fans

There are a lot of people who sat out the election becaUSe they didn’t like the choices they had to chose from. Now there are a lot of people who […]

there are no facts anymore

The bottom line is that most of the people in this country cannot distinguish between a fact and an opinion. If someBODY that the low information trogolodytes have imbued with […]

Segregation by another name

Segregation by another name a Trump administration plan to cut $10.6 billion from federal education initiatives, according to budget documents obtained by The Washington Post. The administration would channel part […]

He played me for a fool

Source: ‘He played me for a fool’: Kentucky Trump supporter laments he should have voted for Hillary  Kentucky Trump supporter Wesley Easterling regrets his vote, he BELIEVEd it when Trump […]

Look at Trump’s heart???

It’s a remarkable approach to defending the indefensible, and it’s hard to imagine Conway serioUSly believing her own rhetoric. It’s the closest I’ve ever seen a political figure come to […]