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Have been totally redesigning the site and have most things organized.  Still a few things missing so you may see what looks like garbage to you instead of what you expected to see when you click on a few things.  I’m getting to them.  Right now I’m trying to decide the best way to incorporate over 2500 individuals and all their source and documentation information without slowing the site down more than can be tolerated.

Progress and an Explanation

If you went to and ended up here it’s because that site is being redirected until I can get everything back up and working there.  Everything here is working (I think) but not everything has been added yet.  I should be able to spend some time on it now that the crises we’ve been struggling with has ended.Let me know if you need any help.


This WAS the Home page for The Genealogy data has all been restored to the Genealogy site (


My websites all got hacked.  This is now day 3 of cleaning up and recovering.  One site (Saintly Sins) is still down.  The nerds at responded very fast. I sent them an email Saturday night … had a response Sunday morning. They had scanned and repaired all that they could, gave me a list of all files on all   sites repaired, a list of all files on all sites still infected, a list of all files on all sites in danger of being hacked, and detailed instructions on what and how to get it all cleaned up.