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Republican field; sob, stop quoting me!

Rand Paul spent the first day of his official candidacy testily explaining to reporters that nothing he said before about 2009, when he began running for office, is in any way relevant to his presidential run now and so it’s all off limits. In one case, he even claimed that something he said in 2009 was said in 2007, pushing it back out of the acceptable-to-ask category, per his rules.

Political Catch Up

Liz and I were both delegates to The Clark County convention which was a disaster.  About 4 times as many people showed up for the convention as expected and the convention had to be reconvened weeks later to complete the voting.
Again, both Liz and I were selected as delegates to the Nevada State convention which met in Reno.  This was better run, but ran about an hour or two behind schedule all weekend.
Even though President Bill Clinton came to Reno to address the convention, the results of the caucuses were reversed at the convention.