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Obama Denounces Homophobic RFRA Laws

Scott Walker is a joke and this time everyone is noticing.  It’s been one fuck up after another since he started running for President.  He compared union nurses and teachers to ISIS.  He stated he’s qualified to command the military because he served in the boy scouts.
He told bizarre lies and fetishized Ronald Reagan’s bible.

Teacher to students: aren’t Christians

the teacher told her students President Obama is not a Christian and “any parent who supports him is not a Christian.” She also challenged her students to “prove their Christianity.”
via Georgia teacher to students: If your parents voted for President Obama, they aren’t Christians.

Bleeding Heart Liberal Fox News

June 27 2014
Note that this was FOX NEWS, that bleeding heart liberal news network!
Fox Host Yells At Michele Bachmann For Trying To Sue Obama: ‘You’re Being Silly’
Neil Cavuto calls the GOP’s latest tactic “an enormous waste of effort.”
According to the American Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara, President Obama ranks second from the bottom to every other president after World War II. At 168, Obama has issued two more executive orders than George H.W.