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To Topple the King

There’s a lesson in this that’s similar to one learned from the Hundred Years War (or Game of Thrones). Once someone shows that it’s possible to topple the king, organizing […]

The party of Jefferson Davis, not of Lincoln

one of America’s most fundamental problems is that the alliance between the current form of Southern labor and the current form of New York finance is with us still.   The Southernization of the Republican Party and the increasing domination of Wall Street’s over the nation’s economic life have combined to erode both the income and the power of U.S. workers. Unions are anathema to Wall Street and the GOP.

“… we cannot escape history.”

what unites the Republican Party, on this 150th anniversary of the murder of Lincoln, is that they are against the type of progressive legislation that gave rise to their party. Lincoln is an oil painting in the parlor, to be dusted off while Republican leaders plot new ways to kill things that he would have approved of.

GOP A-hole charged with domestic violence

Former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, Todd Kincannon arrested for criminal domestic violence. You might remember his thoughts on ebola. (He wanted ebola victims executed.) Or his thoughts on transgender people. (He thought they should be put in “camps.”) Or his strangely racist and homophobic and drunken tweets during the superbowl. (WARNING: a lot of triggers) Something is very wrong and angry and mean deep down inside of Mr. Kincannon.

You Cannot Be A Republican And A Christian

Republicans used to be moderate, business-minded civic boosters and unapologetic patriots who were the linchpins and bulwarks of small towns across the Midwest, the enthusiastic backers of projects for the civic good, usually in partnership with the town liberals (the librarian, the bar owner, a lawyer or two, the Methodist minister, the banker’s wife). These Republicans were uniters and diehard optimists and persons of compassionate conscience, inveterate doers of good deeds.Even today, there are probably some Republicans who still fit that description.


“In the Hobby Lobby cases, five male Justices of the Supreme Court, who are all members of the Catholic faith and who each were appointed by a President who hailed from the Republican party, decided that a huge corporation, with thousands of employees and gargantuan revenues, was a ‘person’ entitled to assert a religious objection to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate because that corporation was ‘closely held’ by family members.


As incredibly complex as is the human brain there are some species which have capabilities we humans lack.  For many insects the visible spectrum exceeds our own.  Some are able to see ultra-violet light.


Hypocrisy: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion
It is not simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches, it is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have. Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie.
“The only vice which cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy.