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The World of Rand Paul & Pals

… Ron Paul says … bus companies should be able to tell blacks or Indians or whoever to ride in the back. … developers should have the right to build whites-only communities. Motels should be able to keep out “coloreds.” … Latinos eat at tables in the alley behind the kitchen. … the police should … arrest the objectors. … laws are unnecessary … because even racists need the dough. …

he personally opposes discrimination … the “loony left” is out to get him, … Sorry, Mr.

I used to be a Republican

I used to be a Republican. There have been a lot of great Republicans; Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt , Dwight Eisenhower, the Rockefeller brothers. Hell, I even voted for Nixon in '68 (but don't tell anyone!) I even supported George, Mitt's father in '68 until he dropped out of the race. There were no "birthers" like Trump and the others today who claimed he was ineligible to be President because he was born in Mexico.