A major party gone mad?

There was never any evidence to support strong supply-side claims about the marvels of tax cuts and the horrors of tax increases; even freshwater macroeconomists, despite their willingness to foolish things, never went down that road.

Since the 1970s there have been four big changes in the effective tax rate on the top 1 percent: the Reagan cut, the Clinton hike, the Bush cut, and the Obama hike.  they predicted dire effects from the Clinton hike; instead we had a boom that eclipsed Reagan’s. They predicted wonderful things from the Bush tax cuts; instead we got an unimpressive expansion followed by a devastating crash. And they predicted terrible things from the tax rise after Obama’s reelection; instead we got the best job growth since 1999 a truly extraordinary record of being wrong at crucial turning points.

The question then, is why this always-wrong economic doctrine now has a stronger grip on the than ever before.

George W. Bush’s inner circle a lot of deceptive advertising about the economy (and a few other things), but they never made extravagant supply-side claims But since 2009 the GOP has swerved hard right into fantasy — and it has done so despite a remarkable string of dead-wrong predictions by the people peddling that fantasy.

via The Laffer Swerve – NYTimes.com.

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