Another Sept update

I’m still working on the site but the Genealogy information is available.
The Genealogy site is  (This redirects to and if your browser blocks the redirection you can just go to it instead.)
 When you arrive at the Genealogy page you will need to log in. Just click the login button on the right at the top.
Scroll down a little and after some information about the page you’ll see a button that says “Click here for access to the Genealogy Content.” Click it and it will open.  Click on the “List of Individuals” tab (or any of the others.) 
In the Families and Individuals tabs you can save a lot of scrolling and jump to last names starting with a specific letter by clicking on the letter in the alphabet at the top.
All the names are links that will show more information (including a 3 generation pedigree chart) about the person.  The names on the pedigree charts are also links.
  1. Since th​e last update there’s  a bug (at least it bugs me) that puts 2 (sometimes 3) separate scroll bars on some pages ​s​o if the page doesn’t seem to want to scroll  move the cursor to the appropriate scroll ​bar to continue scrolling​.​
    Eventually I WILL find out what and where in the code this is and fix it.  For now it’s just an annoyance when you’re trying to scroll a page and it stops until you move the cursor to the right scroll bar.
    ​(If you haven’t seen the the Menu again at the bottom of the page you know this is what has happened.)​
  2. Although I have a tremendous amount of documentation on the site very little of it can be accessed yet. Unfortunately I have to look at each of the thousands of items to determine what it is and where it should be since the names of the files I downloaded don’t give a clue.
  3. ​The Site is still being worked on and will never be finished so some links (not in the Genealogy Section) won’t work.  In the Genealogy Section there are errors in information.  I try to fix them when I notice them and if you see any let me know.
  4. Don’t be surprised if things change. (Could even happen while your on the site.)
  5. Have fun.  Feel free to explore.

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