Be rich or suffer

74 million Americans rely on Medicaid for vital medical care and treatment. We cannot rob people of necessary healthcare jt to make the rich richer.  The health plan is simple and cruel: Be rich or suffer.  On the campaign trail, Trump set himself apart from the field by promising to protect Medicaid, but unsurprisingly that was a lie.Donald Trump’s health care bill will cut 14 million Americans off from Medicaid and strip over $800 billion from the program.  Between Trumpcare and the administration’s proposed budget, Medicaid funding will be slashed in half in jt a decade, including $43 billion in Medicaid coverage for children.

These cuts to life-saving health programs will fund more tax breaks to help the rich get even richer, while low-income Americans choose between food or medical treatment.

Sign the petition: Demand that Congress reject any cuts to Medicaid proposed in the disastrous Trumpcare bill