Being innocent
Being “innocent” is not sufficient to qualify one to own a gun … or it shouldn’t be.
Rights come with responsibilities. If you don’t accept the responsibility then you give up the right and that includes the right to own a gun. Responsibilities may not be specified by , but they still exist. If you own a gun then you are responsible for knowing how to use it, take care of it, keep it safe, how to keep it out of the hands of others, and what the laws are that apply to owning it.
The message in the poster is stupid. Being “innocent” is not sufficient to qualify one to own a gun. You don’t wait until you’ve got 28 people dead and convict someone before you DO SOMETHING to control who can get their hands on guns.
It’s time to make the responsibilities of gun ownership law and the violation of those laws should have criminal penalties. If the owner of these guns had exercised the responsibility to keep them safe and out of the hands of others 18 kids wouldn’t be dead. These guns should have been locked up with no one but the owner able to unlock them.
He could not get guns in his own name? Why not? Yeah, he SHOULDn’t have been able to get guns in his own name, he had mental problems, but he could have … He could have walked into any gun show and bought those guns himself … he was “innocent” with no record,
The NRA is right. Guns don’t kill (anymore than cars kill) People kill. And like cars, you should prove you can be responsible by qualifying for a license before you’re allowed to operate one because cars can be a danger to the life and property of others . It’s not the guns that need to be controlled, it’s the people who have them. You don’t have to own a car to get a drivers license but you’d better not get behind the wheel of a car with out one and you shouldn’t have to own a gun to get a gun license, but if you put one in your hand with out it you should go to jail because guns can be a danger to the life and property of others.
If you leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition and someone steels it and runs over an old lady in a cross walk then you should go to Jail. If you own a gun and you don’t take what steps you can to keep it out of the hands of those who should never have one, you should go to jail. Rights come with responsibilities and where owning or operating something that could be a danger to the life or property of others the right to own or operate it should be limited to those who know, who can, and who WILL live up to the responsibilities.
You see it’s not an all or none proposition. 10,000 people a year killed by just hand guns and doing nothing is like doing nothing about an epidemic. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. It’s time to do SOMETHING. We’re not going to ban guns or confiscate them, anyone who advocates that is as extreme as anyone who opposes any action at all, but we also can no longer assume that “innocent” is sufficient qualification for gun ownership.
Is there anything that will eliminate the problem? NO! Does that mean we do nothing? NO!

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