Dean Heller along with all the other Republicans keep harping on the fact that Congress hasn’t passed a budget in three years.  Does it matter? What is a budget anyway?  A budget is just a piece of paper (well a document whether on paper in 1 and 0 stored in a computer somewhere.) A budget is a plan, a projection, a prediction, a hope, a .  It outlines or summarizes what income and expenses will be.  It shows how much income, where it will come from, and when it will be received.  It show what the money will be spent on, how much will be spent on each category of expenses, and when it will be spent.  A budget doesn’t bring in one dollar in income and doesn’t send out one cent in expenditures.  The only purpose of a budget is to allow you to check to see how well you are sticking to your plan.  No budget (especially no budget ever passed by Congress) has ever worked out.  In fact, Congress routinely spends money it isn’t going to receive (deficit spending) for things it never puts in it’s budget (wars and natural disasters.)  So the fact that Congress hasn’t passed a budget in three years has had no effect on government revenue, no effect on government expenditures, and no effect on the national debt.  

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