Buzzword. An informal term for a word that is fashionable and ed more to impress than inform:

Buzzwords are coded expressions that evoked a specific message for one group while sounding innocuo to others.

Do you know what these buzzwords mean?  Do you know what the politician means when he/she es them?

“budget cuts”

“fair share”

“payroll tax”


“war against women”

“war on religion”

“war on terror”

“war on drugs”

“war on the middle class”


“tax breaks for the rich”




“Main Street”

“big-bank profits”

“executive bones”

“over paid government workers”

“bashing the rich”

“common sense”

“family values”


“race card”


“economic freedom”

“over taxation”


Real Americans”

“welfare queen”

“Nanny State”

”peace process”





hidden taxes”

“class warfare”

“job creators”

“new Americans”

“undocumented workers’

“illegal alien”

“middle class”

“the 1% – 3% – 5% and 99% – 97% – 95%”

hurt families”

“red tape”

“working families”

“minority binesses”

“small biness”

“small biness owners”

“farm families”

“out of touch”



“deficit spending”


“median income”

“average income”



“supply side economics”

“trickle-down economics”

“keynesian economics”



“national debt”

“out of control spending”



“auto indtry bailout”

“shovel ready”


“union boss”

“union demands”

“right to work”

“at will”

“PAC (Political Action Committee)”

“super PAC”


“patient centered”





“working men and women”

“Americans for/against [fill in the blank]”

“Citizens for/against [fill in the blank]”

“global warming”

“climate change”

immigration reform”

“anchor babies”

“education reform”

“teachers union”

“zero tolerance”

“culture of corruption”

“off shore bank account”

“Swiss bank account”

culture wars”

“Subsidies (oil/gas/clean energy/renewable energy)”

“taxpayer giveaway”

“crony capitalism”

“clean coal”

“Big Oil”

“energy diversification”

“energy security”

“energy independence”

“energy policy”

“clean energy”

“jobs policy”

“energy jobs”

“health care take over”


“big government”

anti-biness legislation”

“economic uncertainty”

“tax and spend”




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