Democrats Win

We just got back a week ago from a visit to Toronto, We were there during Thanksgiving and attended Thanksgiving dinner with the Democrats Abroad chapter in Toronto.Dinner was held at the George Brown College Ontario Hostelry Institute School of Hospitality.The students at the institute did all the work and provided a traditional Thanksgiving meal and were given a resounding round of applause for there work.In case your wondering how two visitors from Las Vegas got invited to attend this event, it was the result of the very political principle of “It’s not what you know but who you know that counts.”That is, the wife and I are the in-laws of the guest speeker for the event. That of course would be the University of Toronto Professor of Political Science, Dr. RenanLevine.Ok, so the Dems won the election. I look on this as a plus. Hopefully there will be changes in Washington, but I am not holding my breath. Most of the members of Congress (Republican AND Democrat) are millionaires and do not understand the lives of ordinary Americans. None the less, things can not be any worse than they have been.

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