Doing too much good.

The Mars Candy decision to reduce the size of their candy bars is a farce!  The ’s desire to improve the health of the nations children is laudable but this is ridiculous.  Does Mars expect to sell less product? NO!  They expect you continue to buy the same or even more!  Instead of 1 large Mars bar they expect you will buy 3 or more small Mars bars!  Do they expect to decrease their profit? NO! They expect to increase their profits!  The price per ounce of the small bars will have to be higher than the price per ounce of the large bar … after all it’s more expensive to package!  And what about the that?  More packaging means more trash to put in the fills.  In the end the result of this will be bigger profits for Mars, more fills, higher prices for candy, higher cost for trash pick up and disposal.  In short, more transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1%.  (Didn’t expect a liberal to say that now did you??)

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