Election 08

It occurred to me today that the Obama campaign is failing to address a very big concern of the voters.  The voters of the country have lost all faith in government.  His ideas and plans and policies are right but voters are not hearing from him what they are hearing form the other side and that is what is making them support McCain. McCain is constantly hammering home the idea that Washington is out of touch, Washington is corrupt, Washington is the cause of the country’s problems, Washington is the enemy of the people.   I do not the voters support, believe in, , or want what a  McCain administration  would bring.  They are hearing what they believe to be about Washington from McCain and they are not hearing it from Obama.  They know what McCain is telling them about Washington is true.  They are not hearing Obama say it.   It is much easier to hear what you already know and say “Yes, that’s true!” than it is to hear things your not sure about, things you need to think about, things you’d have to research to understand.  The fact is that most voters are not really interested in, knowledgeable about, or want to understand the issues.

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