Election 2006

Have you seen the adds being put on by AARP? You know, the ones that say “Don’t Vote”?  Well not voting isn’t the thing to do, but that’s not what they’re telling to do anyway.  What they’re say is “Don’t vote until you know where the candidates stand on the issues.”Well, I did that, I found out where the candidates stand on the issues and as a result I decided I wasn’t going to vote for any of them.Fortunately, here in Nevada for all the state wide and Congressional races we have the choice on the ballet to vote for “Non of these Candidates” and that is who I voted for. ( Oh yea, we also have early voting and I’ve already voted.)   Where this was not a choice but there was a 3rd party choice on the ballet, I voted for the 3rd party candidate. Wouldn’t it be great if neither the Republicans  nor the Democrats won control of the Congress!If you have the choice, “Don’t vote”  for either parties candidate for any office.

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