Election Reaction

My reaction to the elections is a bit delayed.  I guess I’m still a little in shock.  Needless to say I did not expect the outcome.  When I discussed it with Professor Levine at UT and he predicted a 50 seat loss in the house.  I thought that was impossible, I told him maybe 30 seats.  WOW was I wrong!  So, Renan, you were right and I was wrong.

I still don’t the have actually bought-in to the agenda.  (At least I hope I’m right about that!)  Most Americans just don’t pay that much attention to politics.   Americans are just too wrapped up in their pursuit of “The American ” to inform themselves about government or the economy or international affairs or anything else for that matter.
My biggest disappointment is that so many people did not vote, especially the young who put Obama in office.  I can’t understand how people can fail to see what is right in front of them.  It is so obvious that  the collapse of the economy was the result of the Bush policies and  “trickle-down” economics that the thought that anyone would want to put those who support them into power is simply beyond comprehension. I guess the ability to “remember the past” is so short in this country that it doesn’t even reach back two years.

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