Faulty Logic

Making it illegal to make or sell meth and cocaine hasn’t stopped them from being made and sold. Making prostitution illegal hasn’t eliminated prostitution. Banning child pornography hasn’t stopped kids from being sexually abused. Making it against the to run red lights hasn’t stopped people from ignoring them. Making driving under the influence a crime hasn’t stopped people from being killed by drunk drivers.  So we should just repeal all these laws since the things they outlaw haven’t stopped people from doing them. That’s the logic people who oppose gun control laws are using. Making possession of military type weapons illegal won’t stop people from committing mass murders so just let them keep being made and sold.  The logic of this argument is that we shouldn’t make things illegal if making something illegal doesn’t make it go away.  Since they haven’t gone away, by this logic, we should repeal the laws that make pot, cocaine, heroine, meth, LSD, crack, prostitution, running red lights, driving while intoxicated, burglary, tax evasion, murder, and everything else, illegal. We should only have laws that make things illegal that criminals will obey.  I do not advocate the banning of guns. We banned alcohol once and learned that there are some things we shouldn’t ban so we repealed that and regulated it instead. We regulate the manufacture, the sale, the buying, and the use of alcohol , and we tax it. We do the same with cigarettes. I think we should do it with marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and anything else that banning just creates worse problems than it solves … including guns.  , there will always be those who don’t comply with the regulations; people drink and drive, bartenders sell drinks to drunk customers, adults buy cigarettes for minors, and even when regulated, guns will still get into the hands of gangsters. But contrary to the argument (we shouldn’t make something illegal if criminals won’t obey the law) that does not justify doing nothing.

If you oppose regulating guns make LOGICAL arguments against it. Illogical arguments don’t win anyone over and just makes it less likely that anyone will pay attention to you when you do make a logical argument. If your argument doesn’t work when you use the same logic with something other than guns (substitute murder for guns), then it doesn’t work when you make it with guns either. Logic is logic and the subject doesn’t have anything to do with the logic. That’s why they teach logic using A, B and C etc (as with algebra which is just a form of logic) to represent the things being argued and the conclusions they lead to. The logic either applies or it doesn’t. The subject being argued is irrelevant.

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