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 About The Genealogy Section.

The Genealogy data has all been restored to the Genealogy site ( So Thinking OutLoud has retuned to being just my personal Blog Site. 


No more "Genealogy" content.
Relevant content in other sections:
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    I’m still working on the site but the Genealogy information is available. The Genealogy site is  (This redirects to and if ...
  • Genealogy Article February 27, 2012
    I found a really interesting article about Geneology on NPR at
  • Redesigned June 22, 2015
    Have been totally redesigning the site and have most things organized.  Still a few things missing so you may see ...
  • Status as of Sept, 2015 September 24, 2015
    Since this latest update there’s  a bug (at least it bugs me) that puts 2 (sometimes 3) separate scroll bars ...

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