He played me for a fool

Kentucky Trump supporter Wesley Easterling regrets his vote, he believed it when Trump told voters he would fight for them. Now, however, Trump is cutting programs that help people like him survive

Easterling is on food stamps and Medicaid and he believed Trump when the then-candidate swore he’d never touch Medicare, Medicaid and . Trump lied and Easterling and his family are fearful they’re going to lose critical benefits they need to stay afloat.

“I mean, I felt just like I was — just like he played me for a fool,” he said “I mean, I kind of took it personal.”

Cuts will go to water and wastewater plants that help provide clean water to communities. The claims it’s because the private sector can do a better job at cleaning water than the municipal infrastructure can. That’s exactly what happened to Flint, Michigan when Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) replaced a system with a private sector solution to a non-existent problem. Trump promised Flint he would help them. Instead, he cut their funding and is working to replicate the problem nationwide. “This budget seems to go after the people that got the president elected,” said Zack Clark of the National Farmers Union.