It’s easy to say NO.

Who opposed the Declaration of Independence? … Conservatives. (They were called Loyalist. )

Who opposed the adoption of the Constitution? … Conservatives.  (They wanted to keep the states independent [like the states in ])

Who opposed the expansion of the west of the Mississippi (the Luisiana Purchase?) … Conservatives.

Who opposed abolishing slavery? … Conservatives.

Who opposed breaking up the oil, railroad, coal, and other monopolies? … Conservatives.

Who opposed giving women the right to vote? … Conservatives.

Who opposed  banning child labor? … Conservatives.

Who opposed limiting regular work hours to 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week? … Conservatives.

Who opposed  limiting the work week to 5 days? … Conservatives.

Who opposed requiring employers to pay their workers at least a minimum wage? … Conservatives.

Who opposed  giving workers the right to collectively bargain with their employers over wages and working conditions? … Conservatives.

Who opposed the act that gave seniors a chance have some dignity in their old age and created unemployment insurance? … Conservatives. 

Who opposed ending segregation and having the country live up the “all men are created equal” ideal of the Declaration of Independence? … Conservatives.

Who opposed elimination of poll taxes and other laws designed to prevent minorities from voting (and still want to pass laws to keep minorities, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor from voting?) … Conservatives.

Who opposed the expansion of Social Security to the disabled? … Conservatives.

Who opposed the creation of MediCare? … Conservatives.

Who opposed and wants to repeal the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that prevents insurance companies from dropping those who become sick, eliminates yearly and lifetime maximums, lets kids stay on their parents insurance until they are 26, provides subsidies, tax credits, and fees, to employers and uninsured individuals in order to increase insurance coverage, requires insurance companies to cover all applicants and offer the same rates regardless of pre-existing conditions or gender, that requires the freeloaders who get taxpayers to pay for there health care by using the hospital emergency rooms as their primary care doctor to either get insurance or pay penalty if they don’t, that the Congressional Budget Office projected will lower both future deficits and Medicare spending? … Conservatives.

Who opposes extending the Bush tax cuts for people making less than $250,000 a year unless millionaires also get a tax cut? … Conservatives.

Who wants to repeal the clean air and water acts, the minimum millage for auto manufactures and other unspecified “regulations”? … Conservatives.

Who wants to be labeled a Conservative? … No one with even an ounce of humanity left in them.

It’s easy to be a Conservative.  All you have to do is say NO to anything proposed to improve the lives of ordinary people.  It takes a Liberal to stand up and say the way things are is not right and needs to be changed.


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