Letter from Texas

“… you don’t live in Texas, so you haven’t had a lot of opportunity to hear Cruz’s father speak or pay close attention to his behavior. Please. Google him. YouTube him. Take a look at Rafael Cruz. One of the first YouTube items that will pop up is a strange video of Rafael Cruz, …. In it, he equates the today with Cuba under Fidel Castro (“no different”) and explains how homosexuality and evolution are subterfuges designed to bring about communist rule:
… last December … Cruz appeared on stage in Des Moines, Iowa — his father’s face bobbing behind him like a rain-dance mask — at a conference headed up by Pastor Kevin Swanson, who reiterated his call for the extermination of homosexuals …
Cruz has been endorsed by — and has not renounced — virtually every frightening, apocalyptic, wackadoodle preacher in the ,  from Mike Bickle of Kansas City, who preaches that is going to “raise up” somebody in the End Times to hunt down all the Jews who have failed to convert to Christianity … to Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa, who preaches that same-sex marriage is a Satanic plot to get people to marry their own children … Then there is Phil Robertson, the ZZ Top-resembling reality TV personality from a show called Duck Dynasty, who denounces homosexuals as “wicked” and “evil” and sometimes takes the stage with Cruz while blowing urgently on a duck call.”