Military Publicly Humiliates Trump

BREAKING: U.S. Military Publicly Humiliates Trump For His Sick Crime Against America

“We have two submarines—the best in the world,” Trump told Duterte. “We don’t have to use this, but [Kim] could be crazy, so we will see what happens.”

This is CLEARLY a breach of national security, and it has top officials in the Pentagon horrified.

Trump’s loose lips have broadcast the location of two of America’s most sensitive national security assets to the ENTIRE WORLD. This is arguably the worst betrayal of American national security that’s ever happened, but it’s par for the course with Trump.

Trump exposed the operating crews of these two subs to the North Koreans, the Chinese, and the Russians who would LOVE to know where any American subs are at any given time.

We cannot let this kind of madness continue. Trump cannot be allowed to finish his term for the good of the .