Obama Denounces Homophobic RFRA Laws

Scott Walker is a joke and this time everyone is noticing.  It’s been one fuck up after another since he started running for President.  He compared union nurses and teachers to ISIS.  He stated he’s qualified to command the military because he served in the boy scouts.

He told bizarre lies and fetishized Ronald Reagan’s bible. He strangely said breaking American unions was a greatest foreign policy act of the past 50 years.

He’s flip-flopped on abortion, gay marriage, energy, education, and guns, with his most pitiful wavering being a triple flip flop on immigration (he was for it, before he was against it, before he was for it again).

If this wasn’t bad enough he further exposed his poor character when he caved to mild rightwing pressure and fired a spokesperson he had hired after only 24 hours.  If he can’t stand up to flunky Republicans in Iowa how is he gonna stand up to Al Qaeda?

Things are so pathetic he can’t even answer simple questions on evolution or ’s religion.  The roll out has been such a disaster that after only a couple of weeks he’s banned the press from asking him any questions.

via Obama Rips Walker as an Empty Suit and Denounces Homophobic RFRA Laws as Un-Christian.

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