Rachel Maddow Fans

There are a lot of people who sat out the election because they didn’t like the choices they had to chose from. Now there are a lot of people who are thinking, well he is president, we can ride this out. He will learn how to be president as he performs the duty of office. Then there are also those who think he is doing a good job.I say to all of those people, you will make good little Registered Citizens. Good people thinking the Constitution will protect them will end in complete disaster. Good people ignoring increasingly disturbing signs of authoritarian, and fascist rule by what is no more than a Cabal will end in destruction of the very Constitution they think will protect them. The idea that enforcing laws for some crazy moral doctrine that few , will end in chaos. When they drag away your neighbors, don’t pay attention. They will come for those that aren’t supporting their junta.The Administration’s goal is to create a population of good Registered citizens. Remember we now live in the Fatherland, no I mean the Motherland or is it the Homeland. Normalizing these destructive people will put you in the category of COLLABORATOR.

Source:Brad Benshoff May 27 at 4:40pm Rachel Maddow Fans