Selling fear … because they have no ideas

Why are Mr. Trump, the NRA, and other surrogates selling fear? It is simply because they have no ideas. Build a wall, repeal Obamacare, destroy ISIS, and Make America Great Again are not ideas. There is no substance to any of them. It is all about using fear to control people. Trump is a bully. As someone who in my youth was the victim of people much like him, I see the bully in him very clearly. He is no better than my childhood tormentors. He acts the same, talks the same, and uses the same tactics. It would be no surprise to find out that he beat kids up for their lunch money as a child (or that he does it in Trump Tower to his own employees). His power, or his perceived power, comes from fear. The reason his followers are so passionate and so quick to overlook his faults is that he has made them afraid. They  only he can protect them. Unfortunately, it is him they should fear.

Source: Selling fear … because they have no ideas