Sinister figures lurk around our careless president – The Washington Post

The axiom that “Hell is truth seen too late” is mistaken; damnation deservedly comes to those who tardily speak truth that has long been patent.

his crusade to make America great again is increasingly dominated by people who explicitly repudiate America’s premises. The faux nationalists of the “alt-right” and their fellow travelers such as Stephen K. Bannon, have imported the blood-and-soil ethno-tribalism that stains the continental European right. Trump’s election has brought back to the public stage ideas that a post-Lincoln America had expunged. They were rejected because they are incompatible with an open that takes its bearing from the Declaration of Independence’s doctrine of natural rights. The alt-right insists that real nationhood requires cultural homogeneity rooted in durable ethnic identities. This is the alt-right’s alternative foundation for the nation Lincoln said was founded on the principle that all people are, by nature, equal.

Stephen Miller, Bannon’s residue and Trump’s enfant terrible,recently said that “in sending our [tax reform] proposal to the tax-writing committees, we will include instructions to ensure all low- and middle-income households are protected.” So, Congress will be instructed by Trump’s 32-year-old acolyte who also says the president’s national security powers “will not be questioned.” We await the response of congressional Republicans, who did so little to stop Trump’s ascent and then so much to normalize him.

Source: Sinister figures lurk around our careless president – The Washington Post