Everything is political. Oh what a tangled we weave when politics gets involved.

Everything is political.

  • Thomas Jefferson April 12, 2016
    The father of American Freedom.
  • “Those who cannot remember the past” March 16, 2016
    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”   Are we “condemned to repeat” 1912 in 2016? The following is excerpted from: History Now: American History Online THEODORE ROOSEVELT AND THE PROGRESSIVE ERA The Spectacles of 1912 by Patricia O’Toole The presidential election year of 1912 began with one unprecedented spectacle, ended with another. Theodore Roosevelt stunned the country ...
  • Letter from Texas March 9, 2016
    By Jim Schutze http://www.dallasobserver.com/news/letter-from-texas-listen-america-trump-is-just-embarrassing-cruz-is-scary-8095715“… you don’t live in Texas, so you haven’t had a lot of opportunity to hear Cruz’s father speak or pay close attention to his behavior. Please. Google him. YouTube him. Take a look at Rafael Cruz. One of the first YouTube items that will pop up is a strange video of Rafael ...
  • Jefferson and the “Living” Constitution March 8, 2016
    The biggest difference between conservatives and liberals over filling the current vacancy on the Court is perhaps the question of interpretation of the Constitution.  Conservatives insist that the Constitution is NOT a living document and the person to be appointed must agree that it’s meaning MUST be read in strict conformity to the ideas ...
  • Adam Smith on High Profits February 21, 2016
    “… besides all the bad effects tothe country in general, which have alreadybeen mentioned as necessarily resulting from ahigher rate of profit, there is one more fatal,perhaps, than all these put together, butwhich, if we may judge from experience, isinseparably connected with it. The high rate ofprofit seems everywhere to destroy thatparsimony which, in other ...
  • Adam Smith on Bank Regulation February 17, 2016
    “regulations may, no doubt, be considered as in some respect a violation of natural liberty. But those exertions of the natural liberty of a few individuals, which might endanger the security of the whole are, and ought to be restrained by the laws of all governments; of the most free, as well as orthe ...
  • Adam Smith on wages and profits February 16, 2016
    those who live by wages:The interest of … those who live by wages, is … strictly connected withthe interest of the … The wages of the labourer … are never so high as when the demand for labour is continually rising, or when the quantity employed is every year increasingconsiderably. When this real wealth ...
  • Quotes from Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. February 13, 2016
    Adam Smith’s An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations is the Bible of Capitalism. “The word VALUE, it is to be observed, has twodifferent meanings, and sometimes expressesthe utility of some particular object, andsometimes the power of purchasing othergoods which the possession of that objectconveys. The one may be called ‘value ...
  • Treason February 1, 2016
    The actions of the Bundys, in Nevada and Oregon, are not the first time that arms have been taken up against agents of the Federal Government because someone didn’t want to comply with the and pay what they owed.  The Constitution defines such acts as treason and in the past the perpetrators have been ...
  • Marco Rubio February 1, 2016
    I’m listening on Marco Rubio’s speech after the Iowa Caucuses.  He has been talking for a long time now but has not said a single word about WHAT he will do if elected.  Lots of words, not a single idea.
  • Right and Wrong June 16, 2015
    What is right? What is wrong? It is a societal problem because individuals in a society will see things differently. If there existed a universally shared bases for distinguishing between the two, there would be no problem but there doesn’t
  • Rand Paul for president:? April 12, 2015
    Why the libertarian candidate doesn’t stand a chance in today’s
  • You don’t own me April 12, 2015
    No matter how strong your personal faith, your employees and customers are not obligated to live according to those beliefs, and have just as much right to their own beliefs as you do to yours
  • Rand Paul: seniors should turn to charity April 12, 2015
    by 2020, the annual cost of medical care for seniors who fall is expected to reach $54.9 billion. Paul touted the “nobility of private charity” that’s the kind of philosophy that results in spending about twice as much per person on health care as any other country on earth.
  • Tax Cuts and Supply Side Economics April 12, 2015
    It is economic incentive that drives enterprise, not the supposed nobility of spirit of the wealthy. That idea is aristocracy. Our nation is founded on the self-evident truth that aristocracy is a lie, and that powerful elites do not share their money, power, and privilege with the people. We now have a new aristocracy, created ...

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