Everything is political. Oh what a tangled we weave when politics gets involved.

Everything is political.

  • Republicans Prepare Attack On Labor April 7, 2015
    “What you lose, when you get rid of the prevailing wage, is a skilled, productive worker,” he said. “Our roads, bridges, and buildings should be built by the safest, best trained, qualified people, and those people need to be paid fairly for their skills.
  • College Tuition Costs So Much April 7, 2015
    The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much – NYTimes.com. Salaries of full-time faculty members are, on average, barely higher than they were in 1970. Moreover, while 45 years ago 78 percent of college and university professors were full time, today half of postsecondary faculty members are lower-paid part-time employees, meaning that the average salaries of ...
  • Subsidized By The Federal Government? April 7, 2015
    The dollar amount is the amount the State received from the Federal Government for every dollar the state sent to the Federal government.
  • Ted Cruz Isn’t an Idiot April 6, 2015
    Extracts from  Ted Cruz Isn’t an Idiot — He’s Delusional and That’s Far More Dangerous By Sophia A. McClennen / AlterNet April 1, 2015 for those who think like Cruz, there is virtually no amount of data, reality checks or facts that can persuade the deluded citizen to give up their false ideas. This is the mindset of the ...
  • You Cannot Be A Republican And A Christian April 6, 2015You Cannot Be A Republican And A Christian
    Republicans used to be moderate, business-minded civic boosters and unapologetic patriots who were the linchpins and bulwarks of small towns across the Midwest, the enthusiastic backers of projects for the civic good, usually in partnership with the town liberals (the librarian, the bar owner, a lawyer or two, the Methodist minister, the banker’s wife). These ...
  • A little quiz about religious liberty April 6, 2015
    “How to Determine if Your Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions.” Just pick “A” or “B” for each question. Written by the Rev. Emily C. Heath at the United Church of Christ, and posted on Daily Kos   by MeteorBlades WED APR 01, 2015 AT 09:28 PM PDT “ liberty is never secured by a campaign ...
  • Racism is like money. April 5, 2015Racism is like money.
    A deeper examination of the sheer joy of Oklahoma students chanting about hanging n*gg*rs from trees Racism is like money. It changes hands. It shape-shifts and finds itself a new carrier, a new account, a new way to express itself in changing times, but it never actually disappears. Suppressed racism is no less real than money ...
  • 47 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act April 5, 201547 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act
    On March 9th, 2015, forty-seven Senators committed a treasonous offense when they decided to violate the Logan Act, a 1799 which forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.
  • Chuck Todd comes clean on Obamacare April 5, 2015
     Chuck Todd comes clean on Obamacare and kinda exposes failed Republican governance by refusing to take back $100 billion dollars in Texas taxpayer dollars from the federal government in the form of the Medicaid Expansion to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), over one million Texans remain uninsured. This political malpractice will kill millions of Texans. Chuck Todd ...
  • Senator Justin Harris Daughters Possessed by Demons April 5, 2015
    State Senator Justin Harris and Wife Believed Adopted Daughters Possessed by Demons, Had an Exorcism No, , they had an exorcism.
  • The World of Rand Paul & Pals April 5, 2015The World of Rand Paul & Pals
    … Ron Paul says … bus companies should be able to tell blacks or Indians or whoever to ride in the back. … developers should have the right to build whites-only communities. Motels should be able to keep out “coloreds.” … Latinos eat at tables in the alley behind the kitchen. … the ...
  • Mastermind Of Despicable PR Campaigns April 5, 2015
    “ Berman is known for masterminding public relations campaigns against animal rights, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and labor unions. Berman’s strategy is to go to the masses and persuade them to pressure office-holders,” said Dunbar. “Since he’s not contacting lawmakers he doesn’t have to register as a lobbyist and say who he’s working for or ...
  • Merle Haggard – What They Do To President Obama April 5, 2015Merle Haggard - What They Do To President Obama
    “There seems to be no shame or anything. They call him all kinds of names all day long, saying he’s doing certain things that he’s not. It’s just a big old political game that I don’t want to be part of.
  • G.O.P. Is Planning to Replace Health Law April 5, 2015G.O.P. Is Planning to Replace Health Law
    As Court Weighs Health Law, G.O.P. Is Planning to Replace It BY JONATHAN WEISMAN The prospects of legal victory have raised practical and political fears that Republicans will take the blame for the health care crisis that would follow. The Times “Senior Republicans in Congress hope that … the will invalidate the subsidies ...
  • Deterring an Iranian Nuclear Breakout April 5, 2015
    Those like Mr. Netanyahu who have opposed any agreement except on terms that cannot be realized should not engage in wishful thinking about the likelihood of such alternative approaches succeeding. They should be clear-eyed in comparing these alternatives with the kind of agreement that can be realized. Of course, if Iran is not prepared to ...

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