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  • Understanding God October 4, 2015
    Thanks to the internet we were able to watch Erev Yom Kippur at New Yorks’ Central Synagogue.The sermon by Rabbi Angela W. Buchdahl  is the best I’ve every heard on the subject of . Inviting God Back to the Garden Yom Kippur 5776 (September 23, 2015)Sermon by Rabbi Angela W. Buchdahl “I realize that I ...
  • Right and Wrong June 16, 2015
    What is right? What is wrong? It is a societal problem because individuals in a will see things differently. If there existed a universally shared bases for distinguishing between the two, there would be no problem but there doesn’t
  • You don’t own me April 12, 2015
    No matter how strong your personal faith, your employees and customers are not obligated to live according to those beliefs, and have just as much right to their own beliefs as you do to yours
  • Missouri Voters Repeal Anti-Discrimination Law April 9, 2015
    Missouri Voters Repeal LGBT Anti-Discrimination | ThinkProgress.From comments on the article.The law now gives Christians the right to treat people as second class citizens just as Nazi Germany did with the Jews. Germany was a supposedly Christian nationa nd most of the churches went along with the Nazi’s.
  • The “Special Snowflake” April 8, 2015
     It’s the far-right’s “special snowflake” syndrome: conservative Christians thinking that because they God sanctions their particular brand of bigotry, they’re special snowflakes who shouldn’t be restrained by human decency, much less the pesky laws that the rest of are obliged to follow. If you hate hard enough, the rules don’t apply to ...
  • Teacher to students: aren’t Christians April 7, 2015
    the teacher told her students is not a Christian and “any parent who supports him is not a Christian.” She also challenged her students to “prove their Christianity.” via Georgia teacher to students: If your parents voted for , they aren’t Christians.
  • Lawmaker Discloses She Was Raped April 7, 2015
    I dare any one of you to judge me,” she added. “I dare you to walk in my shoes.” Fedor’s disclosure is just the latest personal admission from a female lawmaker who has determined she cannot remain silent about her own experience while her colleagues debate issues of reproductive rights on the floor. Earlier this month, Arizona ...
  • Effort To Defund Family Planning Clinics Backfires April 7, 2015
    Thibodeau told ThinkProgress that, since Tipping’s and Savage’s blog posts were published, the organization has received a lot of positive notes from people expressing their support for the work of Maine Family Planning. “Thank you for the work you do and please pay no attention to the ‘Maine Christian Civic League.’ They know very ...
  • You Cannot Be A Republican And A Christian April 6, 2015You Cannot Be A Republican And A Christian
    Republicans used to be moderate, business-minded civic boosters and unapologetic patriots who were the linchpins and bulwarks of small towns across the Midwest, the enthusiastic backers of projects for the civic good, usually in partnership with the town liberals (the librarian, the bar owner, a lawyer or two, the Methodist minister, the banker’s wife). These ...
  • A little quiz about religious liberty April 6, 2015
    “How to Determine if Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions.” Just pick “A” or “B” for each question. Written by the Rev. Emily C. Heath at the United Church of Christ, and posted on Daily Kos   by MeteorBlades WED APR 01, 2015 AT 09:28 PM PDT “Religious liberty is never secured by a campaign ...
  • People who call themselves atheists or agnostics April 5, 2015
    the reason most people who call themselves atheists or agnostics or spiritual seekers do so today is because they have seen the hypocrisy of traditional religions as actually practiced, and their moral values include respect for truth which does not allow them to settle for stories which pretend reality does not exist.  Any Christian who ...
  • Senator Justin Harris Daughters Possessed by Demons April 5, 2015
    State Senator Justin Harris and Wife Believed Adopted Daughters Possessed by Demons, Had an Exorcism No, , they had an exorcism.
  • Great Quotes April 5, 2015
    “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” John Steinbeck
  • North Carolina Republicans empower magistrates to refuse to marry blacks, Jews, gays March 3, 2015
    If you cannot reconcile your personal beliefs with your job duties, you need to find a different job.
  • Glenn Beck’s Suggestion. July 19, 2014
    July 11 2014 Some selected extracts I made from comments on: “Glenn Beck suggests immigrants are humans, right wingers lose their minds” at (Glenn Beck Pledges to Help Illegal Immigrant Children at Border; They Are Here ‘Through No Fault of Their Own Following selected from comments at “Glenn Beck suggests immigrants are humans, right wingers lose their minds” ...

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