Status as of Sept, 2015

  1. Since this latest update there’s  a bug (at least it bugs me) that puts 2 (sometimes 3) separate scroll bars on some pages and sometimes requires you to move the cursor to the appropriate bar to continue scrolling a page. Eventually I WILL find out what and where in the code this is and fix it.  For now it’s just an annoyance when you’re trying to scroll a page and it stops until you move the cursor to the right scroll bar.
  2. Perry Family Roots is open. Even though it’s not quit what I want it to be you can actually see all the family I’ve added as of June. There may be (probably are) errors and omissions in what’s there. For access go to the Genealogy page.  You must register (there’s a link at the top of page content – on the right) and be logged-in AND you must know the separate username and password to actually open the tabs that contain the information.
  3. Although I have a tremendous amount of documentation on the site very little of it can be accessed yet. Unfortunately I have to look at each of the thousands of items to determine what it is and where it should be since the names of the files I downloaded don’t give a clue.

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