Ted Cruz recuses self on anything before 1970

[Q]: A third Texas president, L.B.J., created Medicare in the mid-’60s. Your hero Ronald Reagan campaigned vigorously against that, saying it would lead to socialized medicine, would end liberty in the . Who was right: L.B.J. or Reagan?

[ candidate Ted Cruz]: It’s not worth tilting at windmills. I don’t know. I wasn’t alive then.

Who was right? Who’s to say? That was in the before-times. I have no opinions on the before-times. Now maybe Medicare ended liberty in the United States, maybe it didn’t, let’s just leave that one to the History Channel to sort out.

The possibilities here are endless. Sen. Ted Cruz, do you think the American Revolution was a good idea or a bad one? Your party tends to mention Hitler a lot—have any thoughts on the fellow? You have spoken endlessly about your father leaving Cuba, but we cannot help but notice you were not alive then—are you sure you are qualified to discuss this?

The good news, if we can hold him to this, is that Sen. Ted Cruz has now recused himself from having any opinions on anything that happened before December 22, 1970. Not just Medicare but the civil rights struggle are out of scope, but the development of the automobile, the highway system, electrification, indoor plumbing, the Crusades, and sedimentary rocks are all off-limits. As is the Constitution, which is worth more than all the others combined; if we can convince Ted Cruz that he is no longer qualified to give his opinions on what the Constitution says or what the were thinking during any given lunchtime, we could render the man nearly silent in one stroke.

via Good news: Ted Cruz recuses self from having opinions on anything that happened before 1970.

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