The brutal genius of Harry Reid’s letter

In his letter to James Comey accusing him of violating the Hatch Act, Harry Reid also accused Comey of being privy to “explosive information” regarding Trump’s ties to Russia.  This is an act of terrible political genius bordering on savagery on the part of Harry Reid.  Of course the term “explosive information” means nothing at all, but we do know that there is evidence of ties between Trump and Russia because, if nothing else, Trump has sold property to Russian buyers. This means that James Comey now has only two possible responses to this accusation if pressed about it by the press.   He can either: Confirm that the Senator is right that he is aware of connections between Mr. Trump and Russia or Say that as a federal agent, commenting on a presidential candidate’s affairs at this time would be a violation of the Hatch Act In the first scenario, the media will naturally interpret it as proof that Trump is a Russian agent and run with it, likely dragging the down with him.  In the second, Comey is admitting that he abused his position as head of the FBI for partisan purposes and casts doubt on any Republican’s good faith, probably dragging the party down with him.  Either way, Democrats win, and therefore so does Senator Reid.

Source: The brutal genius of Harry Reid’s letter