The President-elect faces court date in fraud case | MSNBC

Trump faces significant open litigation tied to his businesses: angry members at his Jupiter, Fla. golf course say they were cheated out of refunds on their dues and a former employee at the same club claims she was fired after reporting sexual harassment…. Trump is also defending lawsuits tied to his campaign. A disgruntled political consultant sued for $4 million saying Trump defamed her. Another suit, a class action, says the campaign violated consumer protection laws by sending unsolicited text messages. If elected, the open lawsuits will tag along with Trump. He would not be entitled to immunity, and could be required to give depositions or even testify in open court. That could chew up time and expose a litany of uncomfortable private and business dealings to the public. Note, none of these cases include the lawsuits Trump threatened to file during the campaign, including vows to go after the many women who accused him of sexual misconduct. These controversies also don’t include the IRS audit of Trump’s finances, which remains unresolved, and which may or may not exist. (It’s an open question as to whether or not the Republican simply made up the audit; neither he nor his team have ever substantiated the claims.)

Source: The President-elect faces court date in fraud case | MSNBC