The Source of all Evil

Good, Bad: Right, Wrong: Justified, Unjustified: Justice, Injustice: Evil.
Are humans basically good? For more than half of the 77 years I’ve spent on this planet I thought so. The bad, the injustice, the evil that occurred was the exception. The perpetrators were limited to only a small percentage of humans. , from time to time, significant numbers might be hoodwinked, tricked, fooled, brainwashed, and fall under some bad, unjust, or evil spell. But such things could be corrected. Education was the solution. Just show people the facts and their basic goodness would see reality and abandon their bad, unjust, evil ways.
I’ve always been fascinated by history and my study of history should have expelled that belief, but it didn’t. Neither did Vietnam nor Nixion. Even Reagan Didn’t do it. But beginning with Reagan doubts did begin to be raised and the 2 Bushes accelerated the growth of those doubts. But the advent of Trump totally crushed the elusion.
Maybe for some it’s just lack of knowledge…or lack of curiosity…or … something? But it is apparent, no… obvious …that a large part of humanity is in fact totally lacking any ability to distinguish between good and evil.
Good is that which produces happiness, joy, pleasure, comfort, health, ease, knowledge, understanding, love, empathy, etc.
Bad is that which produces sadness, depression, stress, pain, sickness, ignorance, intolerance, hatred, anger, animosity, poverty, prejudice, persecution, etc.
Right is that which results in Good.
Wrong is that which results in Bad.
Justified is that which is Right or that results in both Good and Bad but the Good outweighs the Bad.
Unjustified is that which is Wrong or that results in both Good and Bad but the Bad outweighs the Good.
Justice is distinguishing between Justified and Unjustified and choosing that which is Justified.
Injustice is failure to distinguish between Justified and Unjustified and/or choosing that which is Unjustified.
Evil is the predominance of Unjustified over Justified. Evil is either willfully chosen, or the result of ignorance. Since ignorance is preventable and curable, Evil should never be tolerated.
Human beings are fallible and perfection is beyond human capabilities. Any opinion, belief, action, proposal, policy, individual, or organization that asserts otherwise is the alarm bell of pending disaster.
It is the duty of everyone to do the best they can to know the facts so far as they are able to find them and before reaching a decision to evaluate all opinions, beliefs, actions, proposals, policies, individuals, and organizations to determine if they are Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, Justified or Unjustified.
It is the neglect of this duty that is the source of all Evil. …
Unfortunately, It has become evident to me, especially in the last 5 years that at least a quarter of human beings are incapable or unwilling to carry out this duty.

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