Some people react to information that comes to them — when they hear someone say something or read something — with a question: “How do you know that?” or “How (or why) does that happen?” or something like that. They may not the question, but it’s there. They can’t help themselves. It’s just who they are, how they think. It can make things rough on them. It can make them outcasts. It can lead to their deaths.
Most people’s reaction to a piece of information they receive is to either say “That’s ” or “That’s not true.” They may also have an emotional reaction; anger, joy, outrage, etc.
That’s how most people will react to the previous two sentences: either “That’s true.” or “That’s not true.”
I always have a question. I just can’t accept anything if I don’t understand it; at least in as much detail as I’m capable of understanding. To me a fact is only a fact if it can be independently verified. An independent verification is an examination by someone who’s only interest is truth itself and who has no interest or opinion about what the fact may or may not be used to prove or disprove.
Which type of person do you think we have to thank for the fact that we don’t all still live in caves? Which type are you?

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