The party of Jefferson Davis, not of Lincoln

one of America’s most fundamental problems is that the alliance between the current form of Southern labor and the current form of finance is with still.   The Southernization of the and the increasing domination of ’s over the nation’s economic life have combined to erode both the income and the power of U.S. workers. Unions are anathema to Wall Street and the . Federal regulations empowering consumers and employees are opposed by both.

Fueled by the mega-donations of the mega-rich, today’s Republican Party is not just far from being the party of Lincoln: It’s the party of Jefferson Davis. It suppresses black voting; it opposes federal efforts to mitigate poverty; it objects to federal investment in infrastructure and education just as the antebellum South opposed internal improvements and rejected public education; it scorns compromise. It is nearly all white.

via Today’s GOP is the party of Jefferson Davis, not of Lincoln – The Washington Post.

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