George W. Bush: “…our intelligence activities strictly target al Qaeda and their known affiliates.”  ME!George W. Bush:  ”…the government does not listen to domestic phone calls without court approval.”  TRUST ME!George W. Bush: “…the privacy of ordinary Americans is fiercely protected in all our activities.” TRUST ME!George W. Bush: “…We’re not mining or trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans.”   TRUST ME! George W. Bush: “…the intelligence activities I authorized are lawful…” (Silly me, for some reason I thought the Constitution gave the power to determine what it was or was not legal for the Government to do to the Judiciary!) ”…and have been briefed to appropriate members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat.”  TRUST ME!TRUST ME! TRUST ME! TRUST ME!Let’s see… Oh yea! Isn’t he the one who said Sadam had WMDs?Isn’t he the one who said Sadam was working with al Qaeda?Didn’t he say he only needed 80 billion to fight this war?Wasn’t it George W. Bush who said the war would be paid for by Iraqi oil and wouldn’t cost anything?George W. Bush:  TRUST ME????The founders of our great nation did not trust!  They divided the powers of government into 3 parts and made each independent of the other.They created the Bill of Rights ( the first 10 amendments) to protect us FROM the government.There was once a man who said “Tell a lie long enough, often enough, loud enough, and people will it.”  George is following Hitler’s advise.  Oh , I hope it doesn’t Work!!

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