Just saw a news report that North Dakota has passed a that proclaims that life begins at conception.  They’re wrong.  Eggs are already alive.  Sperm are already alive.  Everyone agrees that life “began” long ago  (whether you  in evolution or not.)   It’s never ended. What they are trying to say is that a new human being comes into existence at conception. I guess they will be issuing “Conception Certificates” instead of “Birth Certificates” now.  So all conceptions will have to be reported to the state and recorded.  How the date and time of conception is to be determined is a mystery.  Couples will have to note the exact time the man ejaculated every time they have sex (especially around midnight) to be able to calculate at what point the sperm entered the egg.  That, of course, will require testing at a medical facility to find out how fast the sperm can swim and how long the woman’s tubes are.  Couples will have to come up with gender-neutral names since there is no way of determining the sex of a fertilized egg with out destroying it.  And what do they do when a the zygote that develops from that fertilized egg splits and identical twins result? According to the law they are the same person since there was only one “conception.”  (Tell that to identical twins.)  Of course all miscarriages and spontaneous abortions will have to be reported and recorded so that death certificates can be issued.  More police will need to be employed since these will all require investigations to determine the cause of death.  Oh, and how is the coroner supposed to  handle the “?” Failure to provide the “body” to the coroner would be tampering with evidence and could result in jail time for the parents.

Couples who have to resort to in-vitro fertilization face some serious issues.  Every one of those fertilized eggs is now a human being in North Dakota.  They’ve got to be registered with the state and certificates issued. And what do you do with the ones left over after you’ve used them to have the 1, 2, 3, or however many kids you want? They’re human beings so you can’t just throw them out. Under the law that would be murder.

This law is like a law proclaiming that the earth is flat or the moon is made out of cheese, proof positive of the ignorance of those who passed it.  Reality is reality and laws can’t change that. A fertilized egg is not a human being.

This is what happens when ignorance is tolerated. Ignorant people should not even be allowed to vote, let alone run for election. (As evidence just look at Michele Bachmann.) This law is so far beyond common sense that even the great Jefferson never considered ignorance could be carried to  this extreme.

What the law makers in North Dakota mean by this law is that a new “” is created by and placed into the fertilized egg the instant the DNA from the sperm enters the egg and that is a issue and Jefferson DID address this issue.  The constitution prohibits enthroning RELIGIOUS beliefs  into law.

But WAIT!  According to the bible when God created Adam, He didn’t do it instantaneously.  He formed his BODY from the dust of the field first. Adam didn’t become a “living soul” until AFTER his body was fully formed and THEN he received the breath of live from God! Adam did not have a soul until AFTER his body was complete!  So even if you view this law from a RELIGIOUS point of view it’s wrong. God doesn’t create the soul until AFTER the body is complete!

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