Haven’t been to the site a lot in the past few months.  Just took a look (as a visitor) and noticed a few things that need to be fixed.  Some pages are still showing the parent of the page to be the OLD site root.  Need to fix that. Even though the OLD site root isn’t a part of the site anymore it does still exist … I think I left it physically on the site for some technical reason I don’t remember now but it should not be showing up as a link anywhere.

Some links to the Legal Stuff on some pages are invalid.  Need to fix those too.  (The links in the menu to the Legal Stuff are valid and do work.). Also noticed some content in pages that are restricted is not restricted but can only be accessed from the menu.  Need to change that somehow.  Even though the parent page has access limited content, The pages that have the page as a parent and are not restricted should still be accessible from the parent page.  The restricted content should be limited to stuff I don’t want non-members (ie Visitors) to have access to. And on that subject I will probably simplify the membership structure while I’m at it.

I also want to check out the commenting rules because I want to allow must  who come to the site to be able to leave comments and they may be too restrictive.  To prevent spamming I want to insure that all comments get reviewed before they are posted.

Intend to start using site more to “Think Outloud” myself…less just posting what other’s are thinking,  Posted several items here to Facebook and hope to do more with new posts.

Will check out my other sites and do the same things on them.



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