Voting is a Responsibility, not a Right.

We have lots of Rights in this country: More Rights than any people have ever had in history. But Rights, ALL RiIGHTS, come with responsibility and one responsibility that comes with EVERY right we have as Americans is the responsibility to know and UNDERSTAND what the consequences of elections will be AND to VOTE! Donald Trump will be the next President of the because a little more than 25% of eligible voters voted for him. Thats all! Not a Majority, (not even a majority of those who voted) but barley more than 25% because 49% of voters failed to exercise the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with EVERY Right we have in this great country. And if you don’t accept the responsibility that comes with a Right, If you reject the responsibility, you have rejected the Right. 49% have rejected ALL of the Rights of being an American because they rejected the responsibility to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the consequences of this election and DID NOT VOTE!