What I learned watching the RNC.


  1. Mit Romney is a nice guy and his wife loves him.
  2. once washed dishes and waited tables at a restaurant.
  3. As President and Vice President they will “lead from the front.” I didn’t learn where they will lead or what path we’ll follow.
  4. They will “protect” medicare. They didn’t say who or what from or how they’ll do it.
  5. They will “restore America’s future.” I have no idea what they mean by that and they didn’t say.  
  6. They will follow the principles of the . They didn’t specify which founding father’s  principles … the founding fathers had differences of opinion about a lot of things and did a lot of compromising to produce the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
  7. They will “get America growing again.”  (I hope they don’t mean territorially.) They didn’t say how.
  8. They will create jobs and bring down unemployment and workers will  have “rising pay.”. (Strange thing to say since they insist only the private sector and not government creates jobs.) They didn’t say what kind of jobs, where they’ll be, how much they’ll pay or how they will do it.
  9. They will “balance the budget.” But they didn’t say how they will do that or when.
  10. They will repeal “Obamacare.” They didn’t say anything about what they will do about slowing down the rising cost of health care, what will happen to those who don’t have, can’t afford, or can’t get health insurance.  So I guess they’ll just be SOL.
  11. They will limit government spending to 20% of GDP.  So then if the economy collapses again, or we have to go to war, or there’s natural disaster?  They didn’t say what they would do then.
  12. They will “eliminate burdensome government regulations.” They didn’t say what regulations.
  13. They will restore the “middle class.” But they didn’t define “middle class” so I don’t know who they are talking about.
  14. They told a lot of lies.

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