Why Bother?

What we need now is a ban on the sale and possession of weapons that are only good for mass murder. You don’t need a 50 caliber machine gun or a rifle that can fire 100 bullets a minute to hunt ducks or deer. If you do, you should give up hunting. But we will probably succumb to the fatalistic conventional wisdom that says we’ll never be able to prevent this from happening again — and again and again so why bother?
But we should bother because did not put here to just accept things the way they are. “We are partners in creation in all aspects of the world” http://www.aish.com/
“At the time that God created Adam, the first man, he lifted him up and showed him all of the trees of the Garden of Eden. And He said to him: ‘See My creations, how beautiful and praiseworthy they are. And I have created all of it for your sake. Contemplate this and be watchful that you do not damage or destroy My world. For if you damage it, there will be no one else to repair it after you.'” (Kohelet Rabbah, 7:28)
“It’s about bringing light into the world even when it looks dark.” Avivit Shaer:
It’s about refusing to accept, refusing to , that we can do nothing to change the world we live in. If the had held to that view there would be no America.

The Connecticut School Shooting
Asking why in the aftermath of tragedy.

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