You don’t own me

As an employer or business owner, you have the absolute right to freedom. Attend any church, temple, synagogue or reading room you like. Give as you feel obligated. Worship as you please. Place on yourself any restriction in diet, activity or anything else that you feel is in keeping with your beliefs … but only on yourself. You don’t get to impose these restrictions on your employees or your customers! 

Your employees and customers are separate from you. Not only that, they are equal to you in rights, no matter how unequal you may be in income. You do not get to tell them who to vote for. You do not get to tell them who they can love. You do not get to use your religious beliefs as an excuse to limit their rights.

No matter how strong your personal faith, your employees and customers are not obligated to live according to those beliefs, expressly because they are personal. You may find it frustrating, but your employees and customers have just as much right to their own beliefs as you do to yours, and  you have zero right to carve off a slice of their freedom.

If the government was telling you, as an individual, that you had to use birth control or  that you had to marry a person of the same sex, that would be a violation of your rights. That’s not happening. They’re just saying that you don’t get to make that decision for other people. Because you don’t own them.

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